Full Ceramic Bridge

Who Is It For?

A bridge is a solution for clients in the case of loss of one or more tooth, where it is not possible to mount an implant.

How Is It Done?

If only one tooth is replaced, the procedure is applied also to the adjacent two teeth, in the case that a number of teeth are replaced, teeth are selected which shall be the “pillars”. These teeth are filed, a cast of the jaw is taken, a suitable colour shade is chosen for the client and a temporary resin bridge is fitted, which prevents undesirable movement of the teeth. A plaster cast is produced in the laboratory, and the definitive bridge is produced on this – this is tested during the next visit to the dentist, and finally fitted.


The procedure takes place under local anaesthetic and involves no pain.

After Procedure

It is necessary to take extra care of oral hygiene, particularly in the area of the necks of the teeth bearing the bridge, where the edge of the crowns is located and which are more susceptible to the occurrence of tooth decay. In the case that oral hygiene is neglected there is a risk of inflammation of the gums. It is also necessary to ensure excellent oral hygiene in the area of the gums under a bridge with several crowns.


Full ceramic bridges are the most aesthetically suitable solution. Thanks to modern technologies they are also very durable and are closest to the appearance of dental enamel.

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