Endodontic Treatment of Teeth

Endodontic treatment is treatment of root canals in the case of inflammation of the nerve in the root canal caused by deep dental decay. This concerns a relatively painful condition in which the inflammation may additionally begin to spread to the adjacent bone and cause swelling. In most cases endodontic treatment is able to prevent loss of the tooth, because the only alternative solution to this condition is extraction of the tooth.

After application of arranged anaesthesia (usually local injection) the nerve is removed, the canals are widened by mechanical treatment, thoroughly washed out and then filled. Use of an instrument known as an apex locator guarantees precise measurement of the root canal, thanks to which an X-ray is unnecessary.

A tooth treated by this method may remain preserved for several years or permanently. This depends to a great extent on the quality of the filling and the completion of the crown section – as a result production of a crown is recommended in the case of more extensive loss of hard dental tissues.

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