Dental Implant

Who Is It For?

A dental implant is an artificial replacement with a titanium screw inserted into pre-drilled bone, where it replaces the function of a dental root. If the bone is also missing, it is possible first of all to perform augmentation of the bone – this represents a more extensive procedure. This is a more expensive solution; nevertheless a dental implant in its quality and properties is closest to a real tooth. Dental implants prevent the deterioration of the jawbone following loss of a tooth, and avert the requirement for filing healthy teeth also in the case of bridges.

Dental Implants We Use

We use only worldwide known, best quality Swiss implants Straumann and Camlog. There is no big difference between them. The Camlog implant is being very much used in Germany and of course in other European countries. Straumann implant is used pretty much everywhere including the North America. All of the information about implanst we use can be found on their websites and

How Is It Done?

The surface of the gum is exposed and drilling is performed into the bone to the required depth, into which a titanium bearing pin with screw system is inserted. A cast is then taken of the operating field, which is used for the production of a crown or bridge. In certain cases it is possible to mount the pin and prosthetic replacement on the same day, however in most cases 2 to 9 months of healing is required.


The pin is mounted under local anaesthetic and usually takes 20–30 minutes.

After Procedure

Care of implants is the same as with natural teeth.


Dental implants are highly durable and last for up to several decades.

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