We welcome a new team member, Dr. Lucie Zárubová, specialist of happy endings.

Breasts are a symbol of femininity and motherhood. They are also the most intimate parts which women like to unveil from under the blouse, because they know that is what makes them attractive. Surely, we do not need to explain how sensitive the topic of breast cancer is, how patients who have successfully overcome the disease feel, or why Dr. Lucie Zárubová is passionate about helping women return to normal life after breast cancer.

MUDr. Lucie Zarubova


For a closer look at our new colleague and member of Team MediCzech Plastic Surgery, please read following interview:

Dear Doctor, how did you get into the field of plastic surgery? 

"Actually it was by accident. I was a general surgeon, I profiled the oncosurgery of the breast. During my maternity leave, I started to work as a mamolog at the Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Hospital Na Bulovce. There I learned the secrets of sculpture, and I wanted to lead cancer patients from the beginning to the reconstruction phase. It is necessary to note that my huge inspiration, friend, and teacher was Dr. Karel Urban, one of the best plastic surgeons in the Czech Republic." 

What in your field fulfills you the most? 

"Working with clients who have had cancer, who successfully defeated the disease and are now coming to me for help in integrating back into society. I really enjoy helping patients with BRCA genetic mutation (hereditary breast and ovarian cancer) and other prophylactic interventions. It could be said 'boobs, boobs, boobs'."


When do you think it is the right time to start thinking about some improvements? And what would be your message to women and men who are still hesitant to place themselves in the hands of a plastic surgeon?

"When you have problems looking at yourself in the mirror and you are wondering when it would be best to come for surgery! I do not like it when someone comes to me for a consultation and asks me if I can suck something away from this or remake that. They must really want it, dream about it. And if you are hesitating, you shouldn't have the surgery. It really is about desire, and then in that moment you know.

Lively eyes, in both women and men, are for me a symbol of beauty, to be able to laugh and enjoy everything, even if it is not the best day."

Are you also a specialist for interventions in the face? 

"Facial procedures I leave to my colleagues. Everyone should do what they do best. Of course I'm not against botulinum toxin and fillers. On the contrary, it brightens your face and you look more relaxed." 

Do you ever have clients who have exaggerated expectations? What do you advise them? 

"I meet with this kind of client often. Exaggerated expectations are a nuisance, but I think it's best to find time to really explain everything. Then a lot of clients and customers open their eyes." 

In conclusion, a more personal question. Have you yourself indulged in any procedures of aesthetic medicine? 

"I have ... look...," she adds with a smile. 


More about Dr. Zárubová and other specialists of plastic surgery 

MD. Lucie Zárubová specializes in the full spectrum of plastic performances in the last 10 years, mainly on oncoplastic breast surgery. She is a member of the Czech Medical Chamber, ASCO - American Society for Clinical Oncology and the Czech Surgical Society. She has a lot of experience from abroad, she participated in a number of internships and lectures at many international and Czech congresses and symposia. For more information about her and the biographies of our other colleagues, you can read the section of Plastic Surgeons OB CARE.

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