Slavek after gastric band surgery at the OB Klinika


Gastric band is one of bariatric treatments MediCzech offers to clients coming from abroad. This procedure consists of placing a silicone band with a soft balloon on its inner side around the stomach. It divides the stomach into two parts similar to an hourglass. It is a restrictive bariatric method which helps patients reduce the amount of food they eat. The patient can eat normally but a much smaller amount, because the smaller upper part of the stomach is filled quickly and registers as full. Then the food slowly passes down through the band into the lower part.

The band is adjustable, because the size of the stomach narrowing can be regulated by filling or emptying the balloon on the band. A special access port is implanted under the patient’s skin, which makes easy access possible to the balloon when adjustments are needed. The balloon is left empty after the operation and the adjustments are planned by the doctor according to the weight loss results, the sensation of fullness and the patient’s gene­ral state.

The main advantage of gastric band is its reversibility as there are no changes in the anatomy of the digestive tract. Similarly, no changes in digestion or food absorption are made.

Mr. Slávek is 27 years old. His weight before the gastric band surgery was 126kg, after surgery it is 79 kg. 

Mr Slavek is describing his story: "Since I was twenty years old, I suffered from being overweight. I tried several times to lose weight but without any results. I was working as a roofer while weighing nearly 130 kg, so I wasn't getting many job offers. I knew I had to solve the situation, so I entrusted myself to the care of the specialists at the OB clinic. 

After the entrance consultation, I decided to undergo gastric band surgery. I changed my eating habits after surgery - I decreased portions of meals and started doing sports. I reduced my weight by 47 kg. I found a new job and now I travel around the world. I am more than happy and balanced, and I never believed such a positive change was possible. I recommend this surgery to anyone suffering from obesity."

You can get only treatment at the OB clinic as Mr Slavek did. Or you can have all inclusive package with treatment, accommodation in the hotel, all transfers and personal assistant who will take care of you during the whole stay in Prague. 

Meet our Professor Martin Fried who will explain how the gastric band surgery is performed. 


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