Although you are in safe hands with MediCzech, it does not cost much to add an extra bit of security to cover your journey. We strongly recommend you to take out insurance cover specifically tailored- to medical travel. MediCzech has teamed up Medical Travel Shield, travel insurance specialists, to offer their unique insurance cover to our customers.

When choosing Medical Travel Shield, you ensure that if something goes wrong with your travel arrangements or unforeseen circumstances arise during or after the surgery, you will be covered by a reliable company. By choosing Medical Travel Shield, you will ensure:

With Standard Travel Insurance Cover:

  • Loss of passport, money and personal belongings
  • Personal accident
  • Medical expenses (excluding those associated with the treatment, but including life-threatening complications)

With Specialist Benefits:

  • Non-refundable treatment deposits, if a patient has to cancel or delay their trip
  • Contributions towards accommodation, flights and a daily allowance, if the patient’s recovery period is longer than expected
  • Contributions towards the cost of consultation fees and medication, if the patient needs treatment for post-operative complications between discharge and return home

Optional Return Trip Benefit:

  • Contributions towards a return trip within 12 months to correct unsuccessful surgery

For a free quote for cover of your treatment with MediCzech, please click here for more information.


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