We introduce our new German-speaking colleague Michaela

Why did you decide to work for Mediczech?

For two reasons. First of all, it was important to me to work for a reliable and stable company and Mediczech fits into my requirements very well. But another very important reason for me was to enjoy the work I do. I am a person who likes helping others. And in that respect, I can realize myself in Mediczech perfectly. And also, as a mother of a small daughter, I appreciate the children-friendly environment of my employer.

How do you prefer to relax in your free time?

Most of my free time I spend with my family. I like meeting friends regularly, together we go out to dine well, drink good wine. Jazz concerts or interesting cultural events are among my favorite activities. But I also love reading an interesting book.

I used to travel a lot in the past. With a small child, it got a little bit limited, but I am sure, that as a whole family we will be able to start with some exciting trips soon. Recently, sport offers me a good rest from everyday life. When I have time, I love jogging.                                 

Would you choose an operation in Mediczech?

In principle, yes. My work at the clinic gives me a great opportunity to see how well our doctors work and how professionally the entire clinic is organized. I'm not thinking about any operation at this point. But of course, in a few years this question may become actual. Then I already know where I am in good hands.

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