OB Klinika Trusts Implants by Nagor, Read On To Learn Why

At OB Klinika, we only work with the best quality products and materials. When we have the opportunity to work with even better and safer materials, we do so! That is the reason we use modern breast implants by Nagor during breast augmentation surgery. These implants are one of the best on the market. Not only do they offer a wide range of sizes and shapes (more than 300 types), but they are also safe. Nagor implants are manufactured in the United Kingdom with the highest standards. And because we endorse them, you can feel confident in choosing these implants.

      We have chosen the Nagor brand because there is minimal risk of capsule formation and capsular contracture, which are the most common complications after breast enlargement surgery. Nagor breast implants are high quality and the company offers a lifetime Comfort Guarantee programme. They have built a strong world-wide reputation based on product performance, services, and their lifetime GCA Comfort Guarantee. This means Nagor assures the quality and safety of their products, and their breast implants are insured against ruptures and capsular constructures during the patient's entire lifetime. This is likely the most extensive guarantee found on the market today. The GCA Comfort Guarantee ensures you will feel completely comfortable with your decision to have breast augmentation surgery.

Facts about Nagor:

  • Implants made to the very highest standards
  • Natural look which suits your figure.
  • Wide range of sizes and shapes
  • One of the lowest rupture rates in the whole market
  • Provides a very unique offer –the GCA Comfort Guarantee. (Enrollment is free and automatic. If your claim is confirmed, Nagor will provide replacement implants free of charge.)

 Changing how you look can really change the way you feel, and changing how you feel can transform your life. That’s something Nagor and OB Klinika supports 100 %. We believe that every woman should feel empowered to become what she wants to be, and we have proudly helped hundreds get the body shape and confidence they have dreamed of.

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