Is it a new push up? Not at all. These are perfectly fitting NAGOR implants.

A while ago you could read here that at the OB Care clinic we trust NAGOR breast implants. This British brand has nearly 40 years of experience with breast implant production and is providing high standard warranty condition. There is also plenty of other reasons why NAGOR is our top choice. 

Advantages of NAGOR implants

Nearly invisible scar - extremely adaptable implants need only a very small incision of approximately 3 cm.
Minimal risk of capsular contraction - a texture called Nagotex helps the implant's adherence to breast tissue.
Warranty GCA Comfort – Warranty conditions guarantee replacement of both implants in case of rupture.
Perfect strength - Implants will withstand extreme stress without damage.
Natural shape - NAGOR offers a large selection of profiles and sizes from which you can easily choose the right one for your body type.

How to achieve a natural and full shape

One thing is to choose a suitable brand, the second appropriate shape and size of the implant. You may have some idea for the final look, but it is always best to follow the advice of a plastic surgeon. Choosing the right implant depends on many circumstances and that’s a staple for any experienced surgeon.

Dream proportions can be achieved not only with a larger breasts size. Even smaller cleavage can look sexy on a slender figure. The plastic surgeon is therefore always considering your height, weight, and width of the chest to help you to find the right breast implants.

Round or anatomic implants?

Basic shapes include round and anatomical implants. The round ones have the front side symmetrically bulging and the back side is flat.
Anatomical implants look closest to a shape of a drop. Both shapes are made by NAGOR and come in a wide range of different sizes-every woman can find their desired look.

And when we talk about appearance, we don’t mean only good looking breast but also breast that is nice to touch. Our surgeons always follow each patient’s natural body shape. Choosing high quality NAGOR implants will ensure that the implants will be not recognizable visually or by touch while standing or lying.

NAGOR breast implants are among plastic surgeons one of the most popular and even more important, there are thousands of satisfied women all around the world. They are satisfied with full cleavage that they compare to wearing push up bra. And the best thing about it is that it’s not a push up bra but their very own beautiful and natural looking cleavage. 

They won’t burst even if you really try!

NAGOR implants are filled with Silogel Twist-highly cohesive, firm, consistent, stable and adaptable silicone gel. They also have a unique 360 ° barrier layer that minimizes gel permeability. They are manufactured and tested according to strict standards. Not only they are conforming to ISO standards and based on the EU law are certified under number CE 01191, British manufacturers have gone further. They tried out if the implant survive an enormous impact or fall by implanting an unusual stress test-they drove over it with a car. And it lasted! It didn’t pop and the shape went back to normal right away. The same thing happened when the implant got squeezed stretched or compressed in hand. Have a look.

Part of our clientele is mothers who fully enjoyed their motherhood but now are bothered by the look of their sagging breasts caused by nursing. With the NAGOR implants and thanks to our skilled surgeons their breasts look even better now than before pregnancy.

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